The 2020 Dodge Charger Hellcat Widebody is an Insane 707 HP 4-Door Muscle Car

Published on Oct 8, 2019 291,055 views










Click here to watch our review on the Charger 392 Scat Pack Widebody:

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The folks at Dodge certainly know how to build a car that bucks the electrification trend. In a quest to literally #Hellcat all the things, the 2020 Dodge #ChargerSRTHellcatWidebody is giant middle finger to all the electric cars that will one day be the future of the automotive world. With its thirsty 6.2L Supercharged HEMI V8, the latest #ChargerHellcatWidebody will do 0-60 in 3.6 seconds, the quarter in just under 11 seconds, and reach a top speed of just under 200 MPH all for a starting price of under $70,000. #Dodge #DodgeCharger #DodgeChargerHellcat #ChargerHellcat #DodgeChargerHellcatWidebody

  • Redline Reviews
    Redline Reviews 5 days ago Don't you just love midnight uploads for all our East Coast viewers?? Expect to see another review on the 2020 Dodge Charger Scat Pack Widebody tomorrow. Do you guys feel like Dodge should have added AWD to the Charger Hellcat?
    EASTCAMDEN4LIFE 5 days ago Charger Redeye Widebody should be AWD.
  • matt brugger
    matt brugger 5 days ago There nothing better then sliding that rear.
  • Tareq Salman
    Tareq Salman 5 days ago Not like I'mma go buy one . But damn if they offered it with manual transmission 🔥
  • Alex C
    Alex C 5 days ago GTR killer with AWD
  • Paul Stan
    Paul Stan 5 days ago All I can say is WOW! What a car.
  • Spalsh Master03
    Spalsh Master03 5 days ago Redline Reviews yea they need awd model
  • David Hester
    David Hester 5 days ago There's no reason why they shouldn't and no real reason why they couldn't. AWD is available with HEMI powered police package Chargers. Seems like it would take very little engineering to make that system work with the more powerful engines.
  • Ben B
    Ben B 5 days ago Yes! They definitely should have added the Selectable AWD stuff.
  • bren rob
    bren rob 5 days ago I think they'll add it eventually - it'll be the next / final revision. SRT, then Hellcat, then widebody, finally AWD
  • Jordan Sparks1983
    Jordan Sparks1983 5 days ago Yes and a 360 camera and panoramic sunroof
  • Naveen Krishnamurthy
    Naveen Krishnamurthy 5 days ago Redline Reviews 100%. At least the 6.4 should be AWD. Add that and bam. It destroys the m5 and e63s and gives them a run for its money
  • Toma Mato
    Toma Mato 5 days ago When you upload the video it's 0:00 at my place hahaha
  • Hemi Dave
    Hemi Dave 5 days ago Don't need any more weight with the all wheel drive IMO....AWESOME review as always and great camera work.
  • TasteMyStinkhole
    TasteMyStinkhole 5 days ago That startup and rev used more gas than driving a Civic up a 20 degree grade at full throttle for an hour.
  • Vincent Sgroi
    Vincent Sgroi 5 days ago Yes, AWD should be standard. Btw, isn’t AWD available on a lesser model?
  • TasteMyStinkhole
    TasteMyStinkhole 4 days ago @Vincent Sgroi It was for a quick minute... on the V6 I think.... basically, the model that DIDNT need it is the one that got it. More from the brilliant minds at Dodge.
  • Benjamin Burkhardt
    Benjamin Burkhardt 4 days ago I would get a GC TH myself but the Charger in white looks badass with those wheels. A GC with aftermarket larger wheels is a better drive though.
  • Timothy Lynch Jr.
    Timothy Lynch Jr. 4 days ago Yes. Even in the v8
  • Yj Paperboy1
    Yj Paperboy1 4 days ago AWD SHOULDNT EVEN BE AN OPTION , Takes away from what it is, like if you really want AWD that bad then just buy something else tf
  • Timothy Miguel Crawford
    Timothy Miguel Crawford 4 days ago (edited) AWD would be so un-American. RWD FTW. Insane, yes but if you can't handle it - should be driving something else.
  • moparman 4406
    moparman 4406 23 hours ago @TasteMyStinkhole It's the weight. Mopar has always showed they can put out 4400 lb cars and kick the crap out of 3200 lb cars.
  • Robert Thaxton
    Robert Thaxton 20 hours ago First and last time I come to your page how many times you going to say I think or I don't like.Go make your own car company and design your own car how you like it.
  • Jonathan Zuege
    Jonathan Zuege 5 days ago This video is already better than the adult film I was just finishing.
    DJIP3SCLIPS 5 days ago Jonathan Zuege I see what you did there 😎boss moves
  • smile cute
    smile cute 5 days ago😏
  • Honza Kokotek
    Honza Kokotek 5 days ago Jeto dobri auto
  • Jordan Sparks1983
    Jordan Sparks1983 5 days ago 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
  • nopochki
    nopochki 5 days ago If you wait a few hours the video will be better
  • Stephen Hendricks
    Stephen Hendricks 4 days ago A remarkably frank and honest assessment of the purpose of this vehicle.
  • GalacticBlader
    GalacticBlader 4 days ago Was it a gay porn?
  • TMG Steppa
    TMG Steppa 3 days ago Jonathan Zuege 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • AnkhLife75
    AnkhLife75 1 day ago 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Chris Jia
    Chris Jia 5 days ago That color looks sick on the charger, wish I could afford it
  • smile cute
    smile cute 5 days ago Same
    QUÂN PHẠM 5 days ago Ít starts as low as 26k if I'm not wrong
  • byron jimenez
    byron jimenez 5 days ago @QUÂN PHẠM u dumb
  • Ugh I forgot my name
    Ugh I forgot my name 5 days ago QUÂN PHẠM 😭 we got someone who thinks every trim is the same car there’s a massive difference from a 27k 296hp v6 vs a 6.4L v8 that’s supercharged to 707 hp massive massive difference
  • Ugh I forgot my name
    Ugh I forgot my name 5 days ago QUÂN PHẠM hellcats start at about 70-80k
    QUÂN PHẠM 5 days ago @Ugh I forgot my name I know that. Just a reminder that we can still get a decent car for a reasonable price if someone still wants a charger.
  • byron jimenez
    byron jimenez 5 days ago Yea they last for good while under warranty.
  • H. Y
    H. Y 5 days ago Reminds me of my GI Joe Cobra vehicles lol.
  • Ty Mc
    Ty Mc 5 days ago I would get that exact one
  • Valentino chiraq Legend
    Valentino chiraq Legend 5 days ago Work harder you can get it
  • Centiliter
    Centiliter 5 days ago Ugh I forgot my name we got someone who thinks the hellcat engine is a 6.4L supercharged V8 and not a 6.2 😭😭
  • supramaniac502
    supramaniac502 4 days ago (edited) Chris Jia the idea is not to say "I can't afford it." Rather, say, "What must I do to be able to afford this?" The former is a closed loop and a motivation sapping frame of mind...its all about perspective and determination, man. I am not by most people's definition a super successful guy, but when I say I want something, I usually find the way to get it. It's a mind set. Solve the problem of HOW...dont sweat the if' boasting, but this is the way I have built or bought half a dozen versions of my favorite car...the supra turbo. Check my sn...supramaniac. I solved the problem 6x over across the span of a decade while working a $45k a year job and raising 3 kids to Adulthood. You can do it, man. I have faith in you...
  • TasteMyStinkhole
    TasteMyStinkhole 4 days ago They need to turn the whole trunk into a gas tank so you can go more than 50 miles between fill ups
  • Centiliter
    Centiliter 4 days ago TasteMyStinkhole actually you can go 200 miles on one tank but aight lmao
  • henny hefner
    henny hefner 4 days ago supramaniac502 god bless you
  • Terrantino !
    Terrantino ! 4 days ago QUÂN PHẠM you wish
  • GrandMasta Grimm
    GrandMasta Grimm 3 days ago Seriously
  • Janelle 09
    Janelle 09 2 days ago @Chris Jia I see many being quite rude about your comment. I just wanted to say.. One day! 4yrs ago if someone told me my life would do a complete 180 & I'd have one, I would have laughed. Ours isnt brand new, we got a 2018. We had a 2017 mustang GT but with a kid, it was kind of dumb to get. You must be a contortionist to get your kid in and out 😂 We got the mustang 1 year ago. On the 29th I'll be 4yrs clean hence my comment about life doing a 180 🙂
  • Disx parity
    Disx parity 1 day ago "Wish i could afford it" i felt that. The 😭😭
  • Kevin Gonzalez
    Kevin Gonzalez 1 day ago one day you could👌🏼
  • Murica Hellya
    Murica Hellya 19 hours ago Ugh I forgot my name that's cuz they all look the same hardly any difference/speciality to them till you smack the gas😤🤷🏼‍♂️
  • Ray Be kind to others, it goes a long way
    Ray Be kind to others, it goes a long way 11 hours ago Chris Jia change the way you think and then take massive action behind it and watch the miracle. It just takes tons of discipline and hunger that’s why most people don’t make it because they are not willing to grind & sacrifice which in turn allows you to grow.
  • Exonerate Fate
    Exonerate Fate 5 hours ago Chris Jia no you dont it has fiat tech all on and in it. Go buy an old civic si and swap an ls engine in it for a real thrill fuck wannabe dodge theyll never be the american car company they used to be before fiat bought them out
  • Lance Hondrade
    Lance Hondrade 5 days ago (edited) Dodge: Anti-Tesla Inc.
  • Daniel Hernandez
    Daniel Hernandez 4 days ago Welcome to Muscleville!
  • Pam Champion
    Pam Champion 3 days ago Gonna show your comment to my ten year old who thinks Tesla is everything. She conveyed to me that my scat pack was literally ruining the Earth 🤣😂
  • divertiti
    divertiti 1 day ago @Pam Champion Sounds like you got a smart kid with a kind heart.
  • Ed Jones
    Ed Jones 5 days ago 9:45 Only Sofyan could call Americans fat and make it sound complimentary. :)
  • Valerie Yoder
    Valerie Yoder 5 days ago W I D E B O D I E S.
  • KHLegend
    KHLegend 5 days ago every american vehicle is considered fat compared to cars in europe
  • Ed Jones
    Ed Jones 5 days ago @Valerie Yoder I love your wide body :)
  • Midwest Mopars
    Midwest Mopars 5 days ago The lack scat pack challenger video of him everyone got all pissed because he said fat americans
  • Gossip Heart
    Gossip Heart 4 days ago He wasn't lying
  • Jeremiah Yosseff
    Jeremiah Yosseff 4 days ago Earth is you’re domain you can afford it if you choose to command the things you desire.
  • F L
    F L 4 days ago Americans come from all different backgrounds. The world's idea of a typical fat American look like Honey Boo Boo, but in fact, the fattest Americans are Hisapnic and Native American and African American even though caucasians are the highest population overall. So, the white people who usually like Dodge are what Sofyan described: broad shoulder, big framed men. Not some scrawny, skinny-jeaned Eurotwat.,%22sort%22:%22asc%22%7D
  • F L
  • Anthony Yee
    Anthony Yee 2 days ago I see guys that arent even fat at all with wideee torsos and they dont even workout. Just wide bones. If my shoulders were naturally wide Id get laid no problem.
  • GSHeverything _27
    GSHeverything _27 2 days ago @F L honey booboo lol 😂 😂
  • Sharkey Shark
    Sharkey Shark 8 hours ago F L maybe it’s dependent on the part of the country, there are some biiggggg caucasians where I am from, they are either huge or stuck thin caucasians..
  • kaqurat33
    kaqurat33 2 hours ago Huh bruh, he said it with class i was like oh shit
  • Diaz
    Diaz 4 days ago Officer: What's the rush today? Me: Dodge said I should be doing a quarter mile in under 11 seconds
  • Raul Zaragoza
    Raul Zaragoza 2 days ago Lmao
  • Letroy Rogers
  • Jamar Salters
    Jamar Salters 12 hours ago 😂😂😂
  • SRTology
    SRTology 5 days ago I’ll buy one in 3 years when they’re in the 40s 😤
  • vFlippa
    vFlippa 5 days ago Fax I be having to think the same way
  • X X
    X X 5 days ago And dogged out to hell cuz you waited too long to get one😂
  • TasteMyStinkhole
    TasteMyStinkhole 5 days ago You'll spend more on gas during ownership than the price you paid to buy it. At least you'll quickly know where every single gas station in a 50 mile radius is.
  • X X
    X X 5 days ago TasteMyStinkhole this isn’t a Toyota Prius who cares about gas. 😂
  • TasteMyStinkhole
    TasteMyStinkhole 5 days ago @X X You bus riding children love the overused and abused Prius joke. If you could afford a car, and you drove more than 2 miles to your junior high school and back, you'd know who cares about gas. 😂
  • X X
    X X 5 days ago TasteMyStinkhole save your breath for your inflatable date. Get outta your mommas basement while in your fruit of the looms typing and spilling your Cheerios and sippy cup.
  • Richard Button
    Richard Button 5 days ago You can find them in the 40s now
  • Midwest Mopars
    Midwest Mopars 5 days ago SRTology theres always that guy on every single video smh. 2015 hellcats are still $50,000 so idk wtf you’re talking about
  • HellKitty 101
    HellKitty 101 5 days ago Hellcats maintain high value. Good luck with that.
  • NeoGee
    NeoGee 5 days ago Someone knows their Dodge depreciation rates pretty well!
  • PeRX
    PeRX 5 days ago (edited) Midwest Mopars you can get a Hellcat for under $50k if you look hard enough
  • Yo Bro
    Yo Bro 5 days ago SRTology just buy the 2017 one then
  • Popnal 17
    Popnal 17 5 days ago (edited) Just get a scat pack, that thing is still fast
  • BruceWillis
    BruceWillis 5 days ago @TasteMyStinkhole the people that can afford these dont care about gas mileage.
  • chrisjoe187
    chrisjoe187 5 days ago @Richard Button Not this version. Definitely not a widebody
  • Richard Button
    Richard Button 5 days ago @chrisjoe187 Well no I was referring to the older Hellcats like 15 and 16. Widebodies are like $80k so it will probably be at least 4 years until they get around 50 if not 5
  • Anthony Smith
    Anthony Smith 4 days ago Midwest Mopars Uhhhhhhh you are soooo wrong, I just did a quick search of Dearborn Michigan where I’m close to and 8 charger hellcats came up 6 came up at 47k and only 1 at 52k and one at 53k all 2016 models(no 2015’s where available) you are dead wrong! 🤨😳👈🏽
  • Johnny Dwyer
    Johnny Dwyer 4 days ago Just buy a 2017 and you'll have the same exact car except for the fender flares.
  • Abby From Wii Sports
    Abby From Wii Sports 4 days ago Midwest Mopars not true
  • Anthony Smith
    Anthony Smith 4 days ago Richard Button They will loose 10% if they’re value as soon as it leaves the lot(it will be classified as used), there is zero way it will hold 65% percent of its value for 5 years..........the market will be flooded with hellcats at that time(you can get 16’s for 47k now). Fender flares are not hard for shops to add to a non widebody charger.
  • TheUsmc1488
    TheUsmc1488 4 days ago You won't find one for 40 in three years, they've barely depreciated. Maybe you can get a trashed 2016 for 45, MAYBE. You don't want a 3 year old HC that is 45 grand.
  • David S
    David S 3 days ago @PeRX Why?
  • PeRX
    PeRX 3 days ago David S why what?
  • PeRX
    PeRX 3 days ago TheUsmc1488 Hellcats have depreciated a good amount. Sure, it may not be the cleanest but you can get a Hellcat under $50k
  • David S
    David S 3 days ago @PeRX Why buy one?
  • Silentman08
    Silentman08 3 days ago Buying the scar pack one in F8 green
  • Fredo Bull
    Fredo Bull 3 days ago TasteMyStinkhole that’s broke people shit... stick to 4 cyl. If you can’t afford gas
  • Zo Wattz
    Zo Wattz 1 day ago lol same here
  • Tyler Macheledt
    Tyler Macheledt 5 days ago laughed so hard when he found out there was no armest in the back seats
  • Rodney Fung
    Rodney Fung 5 days ago Dude. Your intros are getting more and more incredible. This is beautiful
  • Rick Yao
    Rick Yao 5 days ago Absolutely stunning intros
  • Ameer Hamza
    Ameer Hamza 5 days ago 0/10 intros
    DARRYL PHILLIPS 12 hours ago He can be just a little petty sometimes
  • Nxc ule
  • David Hoffman
    David Hoffman 3 hours ago Nxc ule crate engine the car will never be produced
  • Ayyaz Mahmood
    Ayyaz Mahmood 5 days ago (edited) I feel terrified just looking at it lol😂😂💪😍👌 This one is named Hulk
  • b3ar0fab
    b3ar0fab 5 days ago More like Robin Hood
  • Kirito OG
    Kirito OG 4 days ago HULK
  • Lifted_Above
    Lifted_Above 2 days ago I'd call it the Sledgehammer.
  • Jaelyn Blanc
    Jaelyn Blanc 1 day ago Id just stop naming it these bad names😂😂😂
  • Damien Williams
    Damien Williams 22 hours ago no purple
  • Damien Williams
    Damien Williams 22 hours ago hulk colors are green and purple. that name is reaching.
  • Jaelyn Blanc
    Jaelyn Blanc 15 hours ago @Damien Williams reaching? As in... sorry im.confused
  • Damien Williams
    Damien Williams 13 hours ago @Jaelyn Blanc you are putting paint where it aint . tryna make a connection.
  • Jaelyn Blanc
    Jaelyn Blanc 12 hours ago @Damien Williams ohhh i gotchu
  • Damien Williams
    Damien Williams 12 hours ago @Jaelyn Blanc 😂👍🏾lol
  • huntty p
    huntty p 5 days ago "the interior is garbage for me " -ex porche owner
  • Carson Nelder
    Carson Nelder 5 days ago huntty p really I love it maybe it’s because I’m used to mustangs and camaro A’s but I love it
  • PeRX
    PeRX 5 days ago I have a Crown Vic and I know how bad this interior is
  • BC 1983
    BC 1983 4 days ago (edited) Steering wheel, check. Windshield, check. Nav, check. Sound system, check. Seat, check. Seat belt, check. What else do you need? A Keurig inside? Maybe a bidet?
  • Jaikar Chatha
    Jaikar Chatha 4 days ago @BC 1983 some better materials. The volume knob on my charger fell off after 8,000 km
  • BC 1983
    BC 1983 4 days ago @Jaikar Chatha Did it really? That's just FCA quality
  • michael scoulfeild
    michael scoulfeild 3 days ago Converted to a Prius? Those new ones have nice interior.
  • PL Motosport
    PL Motosport 3 days ago Go buy a porche and shut up
  • Janelle 09
    Janelle 09 2 days ago @Carson Nelder That's what I'm saying! We just traded in our Mustang GT & got a 2018 hellcat & I think it's nice. We wanted more red on the inside but that's okay. I love muscle cars though 💁‍♀️
  • Erick Anaya
    Erick Anaya 2 days ago He laughed like frieza at 16:03
  • American Fitty
    American Fitty 4 days ago Drives a quarter of a mile down the street...already at half a tank, something had to be sacrificed 🤭.
  • T B
    T B 2 days ago Always gonna love the chargers.
  • Moflow
    Moflow 5 days ago Those seats look like club chairs you'd put in your house and have a cigar and brandy in.
  • Michael Darmadja
    Michael Darmadja 5 days ago His laugh reminds me of the doll in child’s play
  • nfugitt89
    nfugitt89 5 days ago Tries to feel like the 70s, but that interior is pure mid-2000s
  • matt brugger
    matt brugger 5 days ago Definitely look just like my 06 magnum sets just revamped dodge loves dated stuff
  • DisneyChannelFlow 2
    DisneyChannelFlow 2 5 days ago @matt brugger it's called cheapening out on shit
  • Sincere Thomas
    Sincere Thomas 5 days ago DisneyChannelFlow 2 or maybe a style ? Where’s your car buddy ? Lol
  • Carson Nelder
    Carson Nelder 5 days ago DisneyChannelFlow 2 if you want to see a cheap company look at the mustang
    TROLLGUN CRTM 5 days ago >Tries to feel like the 70's >Interior is pure mid 2000's What kind of hallucination drugs are you on? Is it a mental condition? Sounds awesome
    TROLLGUN CRTM 5 days ago @matt brugger Every manufacturer loves dates stuff. Why? Designing and building a car literally costs hundreds of millions, potentially billions. Not fixing things that aren't broken keeps manufacturing costs down, therefore giving you, the consumer, lower MSRP's and maintenance costs
  • TasteMyStinkhole
    TasteMyStinkhole 5 days ago If gas was still the price it was in the 70's, I'd already have this in my garage. Not going to own a car that gets 6 mpg when hypermiling. The Saudis throw a 4th of July celebration for each one of these sold, as they know they're going to make a fortune in petroleum income.
  • TasteMyStinkhole
    TasteMyStinkhole 5 days ago @TROLLGUN CRTM -->"lower MSRP's and maintenance costs" I think they threw in the towel on keeping manufacturing costs down when they passed the $80,000 mark.
  • Midwest Mopars
    Midwest Mopars 5 days ago matt brugger I owned an 06 charger and it literally looks nothing like that.
    TROLLGUN CRTM 5 days ago @TasteMyStinkhole The MSRP could've been much higher if they were redesigning the vehicle from the ground up every 1-2 years
  • Centiliter
    Centiliter 5 days ago I personally love that interior, and my 2006 Charger looks nothing like that interior so idk what you're on about.
  • Centiliter
    Centiliter 5 days ago Midwest Mopars Same here man, still have an '06 Daytona.
  • Toy Story
    Toy Story 2 days ago @Centiliter Ive got a hemi orange 08 daytona, love seeing others on the road
  • Centiliter
    Centiliter 2 days ago Toy Story I know the feeling. Seeing other Daytona's around town, other Go-Mangos, Top Bananas, Sublime, Plum Crazy etc. Sadly I've yet to cross the path of another while driving my own.
  • Jack Paskievitch
    Jack Paskievitch 1 day ago TasteMyStinkhole Except these are rated at 22 highway, 13 city. On par with a standard full size SUV/pickup. Not great, but perfectly serviceable.
  • Chase Newacheck
    Chase Newacheck 1 day ago You don’t buy a Hellcat for the interior, you buy a Hellcat for what’s under that hood.
  • Centiliter
    Centiliter 1 day ago Toy Story Actually, I take it back. Today, while driving my Daytona, I passed another Go-Mango Daytona driving in a parking lot.
  • Nazy2Much Tv
    Nazy2Much Tv 1 day ago I mean honestly who wouldn’t want a heelcat 😂😍
  • Kev Uchiha
    Kev Uchiha 4 hours ago Nazy2Much Tv me, but i sure would love a Hellcat
  • Billy Ahn
    Billy Ahn 5 days ago I drive Black Challenger T/A 6spd and I love my life. Thanks Dodge.
  • shiznut123
    shiznut123 4 days ago Billy Ahn great choice man, 6 speed for life