Install & Review: Anvil Auto 6th Gen Notch Spoiler Gloss Carbon Fiber

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Today I got my hands on the new Anvil Auto Notched 6th Gen Camaro spoiler. This deck lid spoiler is a direct bolt on and has provisions for all the models. Convertibles will need to solve where their antenna would go if they jump on this, and 19-20 Camaro vehicles with the stantion spoiler with the rear-view camera, will need to solve how that can be retro fitted.

This product was provided to the Lethal Garage channel for a slight discount in return for this install and overview video.

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  • Cavi Cones
    Cavi Cones Неделю назад Will it work with 2019 1LE?
  • LethalGarage
    LethalGarage Неделю назад Yes! :)
  • PWPhoto
    PWPhoto Неделю назад Love this spoiler. I’ve been looking for a new one to replace my stock one on my 50th SS. Been watching for the C7 Carbon spoiler with the wickerbill, but I still haven’t seen it yet on their site. This may be the spoiler I end up with.
  • Corey Wharton
    Corey Wharton Неделю назад Can I just say that about 90% of the products on my car are because of your channel... I didn't even know Phastek Performance existed until your channel so... yea... there's that.
  • LethalGarage
    LethalGarage Неделю назад I appreciate the trust you place in me and my channel. I hope you have been happy with your choices.
  • GeopioneerGSXR
    GeopioneerGSXR 5 дней назад Same here!
  • Thicc SS
    Thicc SS Неделю назад Hype!
  • Derek Kash
    Derek Kash 3 дня назад Does the price include shipping? 550 seems like a great deal! Very interested 👌
  • Chris Hazell
    Chris Hazell 6 дней назад if your stuck for a good glue and sticker remover which won't damage the paint. PETROL
  • Chadd Downer
    Chadd Downer Неделю назад Will ZL1Addons be making a wicker bill for this spoiler?
  • LethalGarage
    LethalGarage Неделю назад I’m sure if someone wanted one, they would
  • Joey S
    Joey S 6 дней назад Chadd Downer lethal is zl1addons I was mindfucked when I saw the YouTube channel the first time
  • Danny Oliveira
    Danny Oliveira 6 дней назад A lot cleaner and more sleek design then the previous one. I like it👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 thanks .
    HVRD LVLZ 4 дня назад I was wondering if SS or ZL! Wheels and Tires will fit on a 2017 Camaro RS without modifications. I'm also curious would the blade spoiler negatively affect my performance. I'm currently dyno'ed at 300WHP.
  • Donnie Baynard
    Donnie Baynard 6 дней назад Ballpenhammer 30
  • Timothy Bahr
    Timothy Bahr 6 дней назад I still want those key chains you made for camaro con. Can't find them on your website
  • Fred A
    Fred A 6 дней назад Matt are there any Camaro con shows in New England,?I live in N.H.they look really cool but I cant go to CA
  • Geoffrey Tipton
    Geoffrey Tipton Неделю назад I guess I missed something... Last vid I watched you were just firing up a rebuilt motor... lets see you on the track?
  • LethalGarage
    LethalGarage 6 дней назад Haven’t gone yet.... #CamaroCon
  • Daniel Lopez
    Daniel Lopez 6 дней назад Hey Matt, any advice or tips to replace the bottom running day lights?
  • LethalGarage
    LethalGarage 6 дней назад Buy new units
  • Donnie Baynard
    Donnie Baynard 6 дней назад Way better!
  • John Ramos
    John Ramos Неделю назад Will you be selling your old spoiler?
  • LethalGarage
    LethalGarage Неделю назад Not sure yet
  • John Ramos
    John Ramos 6 дней назад @LethalGarage I'd love to have that on my Camaro getting tired of the stock spoiler on the ss
  • Donnie Baynard
    Donnie Baynard 6 дней назад Bend your bill.
    NICK BROWN 6 дней назад You have put a phew wicker bills on your Camaro I wonder if you just do it because they send it to you for free
  • LethalGarage
    LethalGarage 6 дней назад Not this time
  • Donnie Baynard
    Donnie Baynard 6 дней назад Bend your bill.
  • LethalGarage
    LethalGarage 6 дней назад Make yours straight
  • Donnie Baynard
    Donnie Baynard 6 дней назад @LethalGarage no thanks, but I've been watching your videos for years. Glad you finally responded. Lol! Still, bend that shit.
  • Donnie Baynard
    Donnie Baynard 6 дней назад @LethalGarage in fact, send that shit to me, I'll bend it for you right and send it back. Then you'll look like a man.
  • Donnie Baynard
    Donnie Baynard 6 дней назад In fact, send me one of those epic hats and I'll rock that sumbitch in the great state of NC like it should be worn! All the way across the country. By the way, I have a silver ice metallic 18' ss. No bullshit. Check me out on Facebook. I do no other social media.
  • TenSeven
    TenSeven Неделю назад (изменено) After being ensnared in the 6LE Design ZL1 hood debacle, I will NEVER again pre-pay for a part that might be made in a batch X months from now. Did they really think I was just going to blow off $1200 I paid for a product they were never going to deliver? HAHAHA... Not a chance. The spoiler does look good, similar but yet different.
  • LethalGarage
    LethalGarage 6 дней назад Anvil Auto has a pretty great track record, but as stated the first wave is sold out, they will probably have stock in Spring to just buy one