2019 GMC Canyon Denali Review —

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The GMC Canyon won our Mid-Size Truck Challenge in 2016. Three years later, does it still compete in a class with many new and redesigned pickups? Watch the video to hear our thoughts.

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  • TheBikemaster94
    TheBikemaster94 il y a 6 jours The outdated design will drop the value quick , I'd wait 3-4 years to buy it
  • hackonefouryou
    hackonefouryou il y a 6 jours I had mine for less than 6 months. Not worth the money for what you get. And I had every problem listed in the forums and GMC would not fix them. Not a good buy.
  • Briggleton
    Briggleton il y a 3 jours Brutal review. I'm happy they're transparent
  • datrelle g
    datrelle g il y a 6 jours Damn, it's fast
  • Joe Hammond
    Joe Hammond il y a 6 jours Get off the fence, what do you REALLY think?
  • Kevin Barry
    Kevin Barry il y a 6 jours You did forget to mention that the seats are remarkably uncomfortable.
  • Matthew Pajda
    Matthew Pajda il y a 3 jours i just drove across western canada 6000km its comfy lose some weight
  • alliejr
    alliejr il y a 5 jours Excellent job pointing out feel over raw numbers. Far too much focus on 10ths of second acceleration advantages.
  • DrewPrueitt
    DrewPrueitt il y a 5 jours (modifié) The best option is the Diesel. I get 27 city and 33 hwy. It tows incredibly. It has a better transmission. The ride is better then my F250 and much better to drive. The Bose stereo is amazing. It comes with remote start which means I just get in and go after putting in key, so I think that has something to do with it. As far as looks I think it has the most adult look to show up at work in. Honda is a mini van, the Jeep looks like a trail toy, Ford looks like a teenager truck.
  • Rabea almahmoudi
    Rabea almahmoudi il y a 6 jours Tacoma knocking on its chest like king kong
  • D Tay
    D Tay il y a 6 jours King kongs an American monster it'd be Godzilla
  • Kevin Barry
    Kevin Barry il y a 6 jours Good review, general motors cheeping out. Giving you crappy interior but charging top dollar. Not to mention that 3.6 L, you'll be spending three or $4000 pretty soon to replace the timing set, front and rear of the engine. Amazing how Toyota can make timing chains on overhead cam engines last for hundreds of thousands of miles. But General Motors cannot get it to go anywhere near that distance.
  • 5stardave
    5stardave il y a 6 jours Turning a key makes it the best truck out there.
  • k3rrons
    k3rrons il y a 6 jours (modifié) Ok, let's say you want to stick with American and buy from GM. What's so compelling about this over a Chevy Colorado? Is the GMC badge that valuable? I'm sorry but isn't this part of the reason why there was a government bailout not so long ago? 😑
  • Liam Ross
    Liam Ross il y a 5 jours (modifié) This midsized truck is not even old or even really mature yet, and yet it already seems old and hardly worth it's huge pricetag. Perhaps due to it's dated interior, keyfob, uninspiring suspenion and road feel, shitty transmission or it's lack of technology. Typical GM quality.
  • Miguel Ircontar
    Miguel Ircontar il y a 5 jours The truck looks so blocky and bulgy it looks ugly
  • Realtime Reviews
    Realtime Reviews il y a 6 jours Too narrow, underpowered, terrible interior, rather have a ridgeline, oh wait I do! And I love it #BringTheHate
  • keri ellerbe
    keri ellerbe il y a 6 jours Yawn
  • David Flores
    David Flores il y a 4 jours U lost me at ridgeline
  • The truth
    The truth il y a 2 jours You lost all credability when you said Ridgeline...
  • datrelle g
    datrelle g il y a 6 jours What's a review without ubiquitous Apple car play/Android whatever bs plug!
  • JoshGrami
    JoshGrami il y a 6 jours datrelle g CarPlay is an absolute must, and they mention it because some cars STILL don’t have it available. Having google maps or Waze blows any OEM navigation system out of the water.
  • Natanael Guadalupe Aviles
    Natanael Guadalupe Aviles il y a 6 jours I will buy it just for the 6.2 ltr.