2019 Audi Q5 review – still a great large SUV? | What Car?

Published on Oct 8, 2019 47,720 views










Smooth, punchy engines. A high-quality interior. Excellent infotainment. Is there a weakness to the Audi Q5 or is it truly one of the best SUVs around? Watch our video to find out.

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  • Marcel Wolf
    Marcel Wolf 6 days ago just spend 51K on an Audi and it has no electric adjustable seats...........what a joke.
  • seanzal
    seanzal 6 days ago She’s still got it. Banana! 2:46
  • rt1185
    rt1185 6 days ago Manual seat and steering wheel adjustments on a £50k+ vehicle? 🤣 Which jokers are still buying into these overpriced junk brands?
  • Josh Charlie
    Josh Charlie 6 days ago So called ‘premium’ car!!
  • RDav02
    RDav02 3 days ago That’s not a large SUV
  • Small K
    Small K 3 days ago Too small, if looking for a suv might as well get the Q7.
  • meyson yeo
    meyson yeo 5 days ago Hmm, the energy in her voice is lost. It was her unique selling point.
  • Is there hope?
    Is there hope? 1 day ago Yep, children suck the energy out of you.
  • Monza 991
    Monza 991 5 days ago Why do a review so late on the q5 when audi is updating it.
  • C S
    C S 4 days ago Its not LARGE its midsize..if this is LARGE, whats the Q7 then Xtra Xtra LARGE..
  • iam3mondoot
    iam3mondoot 4 days ago ? Was you in poynton Cheshire this morning 🤔
  • Marco Garcia
    Marco Garcia 6 days ago The car reviews are always a bonus....
  • Oldsoulboy
    Oldsoulboy 2 days ago I see that it still has that dreadful screen that looks like it is nailed to the dash board, why doe it not have the updated interior? Very lazy and shabby of Audi
  • Jack The Lad
    Jack The Lad 5 days ago Don't see the reason for large SUVS. Why? Take up too much road, estate roads are narrow, car park space are small and a danger at skool gates...those women who drive them just a danger to others...
  • william walker
    william walker 5 days ago A brilliant suv I have a S line plus 3.0 V6 that hasn’t got power folding mirrors electric adjustable seats still a great suv but I am surprised that the newer models have not got them
  • Nikos Patsoumas
    Nikos Patsoumas 5 days ago Another great review!!
  • rabit818
    rabit818 6 days ago Alfa wins in the looks department
  • im cgl
    im cgl 6 days ago No folding mirrors .. no electric seat/steering adjustment .. no 3 split folding seats.. cubbies are usually open without any covers .. this is a 50+ car!! For the same money you get a lot of GLC!!
  • oopscanada
    oopscanada 5 days ago Excellent Review!
  • Karim Elawady
    Karim Elawady 6 days ago Welcome back , we missed you Rebecca
  • Michael Hennebry
    Michael Hennebry 5 days ago (edited) She has left what car gone to car guru uk watch her video Rebecca Jackson.
  • Lulu Maha
    Lulu Maha 5 days ago Yeah, fill good inside
  • PAPA DZ 360
    PAPA DZ 360 1 day ago Excellent Review