Renault KWID 2019 Facelift Climber 1.0 & 800cc RXT Test Drive Review | Rishabh Chatterjee

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New Renault KWID Facelift 2019/2020 Climber 1L 1000cc & 800cc RXT Top Model Test Drive Review | Rishabh Chatterjee

Contents - Timings
00:45 - Enteriors Climber
02:18 - Exteriors 800cc
03:17 - Interiors
06:40 - Test Drive 800cc
08:00 - Price on Road Bangalore
09:30 - Mileage info
12:00 - Conclusion 800cc
16:10 - Test Drive - 1000cc
23:15 - Bad Roads
26:20 - Music System Info
29:22 - MID info
30:00 - Key
31:00 - Engine Sound
32:14- Test Drive AMT Automatic
Variants - Features

Renault Whitefield - Trident
Manoj - 6361554462
Address: No. 111, 124 & 125, B Narayanapura Village K R Puram, Uttarahalli Hobli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560016

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    Monika Virat 5 дней назад how sure are you about the color varient sir ... As when I enquired they said there us no red and white in climber Please do reply
  • Roshan Pal
    Roshan Pal 6 дней назад Please do AMT review also and try to test it in inclines like underground parking. I've heard this AMT car has issues climbing up.
  • Sam George Bush
    Sam George Bush 6 дней назад Nope..I have climber AMT 2017 done 35000 kms no issues
  • Saket
    Saket 5 дней назад no issue but u should use ur hand breaks in inclined stops.
  • Jeroen Jansen
    Jeroen Jansen 4 дня назад (изменено) I have a Swift AMT and I often use a parking garage with steep ramps. AMT works fine. Don't take off your foot too soon after reaching the upper level or it will change to a higher gear. You can also easily lock it in first gear but I never do that. It also can sometimes hunt between 4th and 5th gear while driving behind accelerating and slowing down traffic. Just change your driving style a bit. Overal I think AMT is a much better alernative than manual.
  • Jeroen Jansen
    Jeroen Jansen 4 дня назад A bit noisy, engine and transmission.
  • Aditya Ghuge
    Aditya Ghuge 2 дня назад Bro no offence! But you look like 'Mummy' from movie chichhore!
  • Manini Barsha
    Manini Barsha 4 дня назад I would like to see the kwid rxt amt test drive
  • Rishabh Chatterjee
    Rishabh Chatterjee 3 дня назад Manini Barsha AMT Video link -
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    Hitarth Alvir 6 дней назад Dude first of all you're very genuine to value our time by placing time slots. Secondly, it's the first ever "detailed" review so thank you very much for making it.
  • Rishabh Chatterjee
    Rishabh Chatterjee 6 дней назад Thanks for watching bro
    RONAK FURIA 6 дней назад Nvh level and cabin insulation? Is it still noisy as before.
  • Rishabh Chatterjee
    Rishabh Chatterjee 6 дней назад Watch the full video bro. You will find the answer.
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    Kamalan Chandran 3 дня назад (изменено) Good stuff. also don't shy away from being a critic if not in front of the showroom folks .. later on.. please try and review the AMT also. oh that reminds me..if possible review of Datsun Go CVT would be nice too. And Thank you for the review
  • pc
    pc 4 дня назад Also , they should have included BS6 engine in this facelift.
  • Pawan Buxani
    Pawan Buxani 1 день назад Marathahalli ring road looking empty. Looks Like its a public holiday 😅
  • Kandeeban Ravichandran
    Kandeeban Ravichandran 6 дней назад I would like to see amt
  • Sam George Bush
    Sam George Bush 6 дней назад Can you post video of kwid accessories like alloys, chrome etc etc
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    satyabrata nayak 5 дней назад Yes I want to see amt
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    Rishabh Chatterjee 3 дня назад satyabrata nayak AMT Video link -
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    Ashu Ash 6 дней назад Face lift Kwid 1.0 amt review plz...
  • Rishabh Chatterjee
    Rishabh Chatterjee 3 дня назад Ashu Ash AMT Video link -
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    nishad sain 4 дня назад Nice review bro .you have to improve your camera angle.content quality 👌 .
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    the assassin 4 дня назад 6:40
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    jyotish goyari 5 дней назад Wat abt vibration n engine noise
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    the assassin 4 дня назад 31:00
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    Kakali Kundu 6 дней назад Which editing app do you use?