LEGO Train Tank Car Review & Test Run

Published on Oct 8, 2019 1,269 views










Take a look at my latest venture into the LEGO train world with this Type 27 Tank Car! This model has superior detail and was crafted using the Premium Instruction kit from the Brick Model Railroader (BMR) along with parts from Bricklink. It is a perfect addition to any LEGO train system and integrates nicely with any LEGO Train. In this video, we review the LEGO Tank Car and give it a test run in the LEGO train yard and LEGO city!

  • Richard Espinoza
    Richard Espinoza 5 days ago This is my favorite Lego train tank
    DIGGYBOY007 6 days ago Awesome
  • Maxwell Montgomery
    Maxwell Montgomery 5 days ago Fantastic!
  • QC Drone
    QC Drone 5 days ago This turned out awesome!
  • Jett
    Jett 5 days ago (edited) Bricksie do you buy you're parts from Canadian sellers only?
  • Bricksie
    Bricksie 5 days ago Canada, USA, and Germany
  • Jett
    Jett 5 days ago (edited) @Bricksie does it get more expensive outside of canada
  • Cune CZ
    Cune CZ 5 days ago (edited) you can make r56 with flexible tracks or you can buy 3d printed
  • Colin Smith
    Colin Smith 5 days ago For the 3D printed R56 curves you should use trixbrix, a full circle is €50. They’ve just sorted out a better shipping cost for the USA and Canada, I have these and the R72 curves and they are very good.
  • Maximilian
    Maximilian 5 days ago Look at the online shop Bluebrixx from Germany over the have many trains and waggons. In addition, fire engines cars from Germany and the United States. Greetings from Germany.
  • melanie champagne
    melanie champagne 4 days ago Hi @bricksie I'm look for an idea for a moc streaming computer for my moc streaming studio build
  • Minecraft Features I want
    Minecraft Features I want 5 days ago Yes!
  • untamedoffice
    untamedoffice 5 days ago it looks good
  • Richard Espinoza
    Richard Espinoza 20 hours ago My friend did you sustribe to my channel's if you did it's okk and can you please shere my channel's to all of your friend's please
  • Brick Island
    Brick Island 4 days ago That wagon is almost 10 studs wide?
  • Bricksie
    Bricksie 4 days ago 8 wide
  • Brick Island
    Brick Island 3 days ago Bricksie but isn’t there a 8x1 plate in each end, and then outside of that there are handlebars that makes the ladder on each side? That will make the wagon wider than 8 studs?
  • John Garrett
    John Garrett 8 hours ago bmr cars are very nice kits.I have 4 so far
  • Tallus08
    Tallus08 5 days ago I think the BMR guys do some great work. Thanks for doing this video! I'd like got get some of their models one day. Why do the BMR guys use the old magnetic couplers with the exposed magnets? I'd it more realistic or just what they prefer?
  • Alex Broccolo
    Alex Broccolo 5 days ago The new magnets aren't as strong and they aren't prototypical to have buffers.
  • Tallus08
    Tallus08 5 days ago @Alex Broccolo Thanks. Good to know!