Lincoln is rounding out its SUV lineup with the reintroduction of its smallest utility vehicle, which gets both a redesign and name change. The 2020 Corsair replaces the MKC and we recently had the opportunity to drive it on the west coast. Watch the video for our take.

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  • nattga
    nattga 5 days ago I secretly want a Lincoln now.
  • Daniel Gross
    Daniel Gross 5 days ago The music vocals is overpowering the presenter. Highly annoying
  • Det. luvs Robocop Double A ron
    Det. luvs Robocop Double A ron 5 days ago I was disappointed to hear about the transmission. Otherwise I love the vehicle and I hope it sells well.
  • Miguel Ircontar
    Miguel Ircontar 5 days ago Man The Whole drive the sun was blinding me Between those trees while you were reviewing 😔
  • Matt Speer
    Matt Speer 4 days ago Agreed...terrible angle and really unprofessional work.
  • White Mail Privilege
    White Mail Privilege 5 days ago (edited) 3:32 That’s what she said
  • M D
    M D 5 days ago That actually looks good
  • LexRuger718
    LexRuger718 5 days ago Similar looks to the infinite JX 🤔
  • Paul M
    Paul M 4 days ago Great looking little SUV. Doesn’t look anything like that lifted Focus, sorry I mean Escape. They just have to get reliability good.
  • Richard Shelton
    Richard Shelton 5 days ago I never thought I'd be looking at buying a Lincoln, but here I am!
  • Jaroslav Záruba
    Jaroslav Záruba 1 day ago (edited) premium - Audi, BMW luxury - Bentley, RR
  • Karl Henry
    Karl Henry 2 days ago 3:00
  • MetaView7
    MetaView7 4 days ago Corsair? Great name. Definitely better than the cryptic MKC. They should add the white USA Star to the side, like the Navy.
  • Merry-Go-Round Seekers
    Merry-Go-Round Seekers 4 days ago Good looking vehicle... but to be fair any car filmed driving around the beautiful Monterey Peninsula looks pretty classy
  • colderbeer
    colderbeer 4 days ago Very pretty inside and it.
  • Blake Swan
    Blake Swan 4 days ago It's hilarious that somehow Cadillac thinks the XT4 competes with this for more money as well. Lincoln nailed this. New Lincoln is impressing the hell out of me lately. Hope this doesn't have the same buipd issues the Aviator is currently having
  • A
    A 3 days ago Two questions, is the XT4 more expensive than the Corsair when fully optioned? And what build issues does the Aviator have?
  • monte1 b.
    monte1 b. 2 days ago The Aviator has a software glitch. They are working on an update to repair it.
  • Des Brand
    Des Brand 1 day ago The xt4 starts at 35 k
  • Eddie 2k
    Eddie 2k 5 days ago Cost may too much.
  • T P Awaits
    T P Awaits 5 days ago How much?
  • Keith Johnson - Shelby GT500
    Keith Johnson - Shelby GT500 5 days ago @T P Awaits - MSRP: From $35,945
  • Jeremy Collins Sr.
    Jeremy Collins Sr. 5 days ago How does it cost "may" too much when you can get regular ok small SUVs for the mid-20 to even up to the $30K price range? Smh.
  • T P Awaits
    T P Awaits 5 days ago @Keith Johnson - Shelby GT500 then it's reasonable considering the new technology
  • D H
    D H 5 days ago @Keith Johnson - Shelby GT500 that's just for the stripped down base model. Basically just a shell of the car. Add in the normal options most buyers want in 2019 and this thing approaches 60k!!
  • Keith Johnson - Shelby GT500
    Keith Johnson - Shelby GT500 4 days ago @D H - in other words a Loaded 2020 Corsair Reserve with every Option is $59,000
  • Amari
    Amari 4 days ago It’s a luxury vehicle and an suv add that. $30 grand is what you’re paying for an almost upscale mainstream brand. Stay in your market then
  • A
    A 3 days ago It's worth it though.
  • Vito Roagy
    Vito Roagy 4 days ago Q7 and a Touareg mixed, Still looks good!.
  • Mark Carfang
    Mark Carfang 5 days ago (edited) I'll take a CRV Touring and save 15K not to mention the dependability and resale, he said the one he is driving was 50K... Really?
  • jalmonte91
    jalmonte91 5 days ago Mark Carfang That’s fully loaded, have you seen the German compact prices? $60-$65k fully loaded and that’s for the 2.0 engine
  • D H
    D H 5 days ago Nope. He actually said 60k. This thing is nice but crazy overpriced.
  • colderbeer
    colderbeer 4 days ago @D H For a Black Label edition, which is about 5% of the entire Lincoln lineup. The bulk of these will be equipped to sell in the 40 to 50 grand range, and just like the MKC it replaces Lincoln will sell these like popcorn....YOU'RE WELCOME.
  • kbw rvwhntr
    kbw rvwhntr 3 days ago @colderbeer Unfortunately these won't have a Black Label trim but I think the the fully loaded Reserve will do extremely well.
  • The truth
    The truth 2 days ago Not with that 1.5t but hey if you think oil diluting is a part of dependability , then CR-V fits your shoes. 👍 Rdx is more of a competitor to this.
  • D H
    D H 2 days ago @colderbeer they don't have a black label edition of this yet. Build one on their site. At 45k this thing is stripped of most of the features that make it look so impressive in these review videos. You're welcome 😂