New 2020 BMW M8 Competition review - is BMW's fastest EVER car actually any good?

Published on Oct 9, 2019 37,528 views










BMW M8 Competition full review:
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If you look at the raw numbers, the new BMW M8 Competition is a sports car of vast ability. In simple terms it’s the fastest production car BMW has ever produced – but it’s also one of the brand’s most sophisticated models thus far.

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  • Charlie
    Charlie 5 дней назад "what car have you got mate?" "BMW M8"
  • NobbyScott
    NobbyScott 5 дней назад oh M8 :D
  • Charlie
    Charlie 5 дней назад @NobbyScott it's gr8 m8
  • flyingphoenix113
    flyingphoenix113 4 дня назад @Charlie I r8, 8/8.
  • Simmo
    Simmo 4 дня назад Does it master ba8
  • maskenmakkan
    maskenmakkan 1 день назад You dont prounonce it "mate", you say M - eight... i am from sweden so i know this
  • Simmo
    Simmo 1 день назад maskenmakkan haha, no clearly have no sense of humour, and what has coming from Sweden got to do with anything... lol
  • maskenmakkan
    maskenmakkan 1 день назад @Simmo shut up u finnish troll
  • Simmo
    Simmo 1 день назад maskenmakkan wow, not like any swede I’ve ever met, you’re clearly not born Swedish.
  • maskenmakkan
    maskenmakkan 14 часов назад @Simmo i am swedish and born in SWEDEN
  • Simmo
    Simmo 6 часов назад maskenmakkan wow, ok well I’ll accept that you are the exception to normal Swedes.
  • Levente Deli
    Levente Deli 2 дня назад "come on oversteer" does this guy even know that you can switch the car to only RWD?
  • billy98102
    billy98102 22 часа назад I thought that too.
  • Amr Tawakol
    Amr Tawakol 5 дней назад this guy really is one of the best reviewers in the world.
  • Adam Chase
    Adam Chase 5 дней назад Imagine this car came out in 2010 or something it would have a v12 or at least a v10
  • Joel Cullum
    Joel Cullum 5 дней назад I'd use the money to get a used gen 2 v10 R8. Modern like the m8, but epic sound.
  • TheDonBarracuda
    TheDonBarracuda 5 дней назад @Joel Cullum R8 secondhand market is like a bargain bin. Saving my pennies right now
  • Del Johnson
    Del Johnson 4 дня назад "It feels like a seriously sporty GT " Because that's what it is.
  • Ary Adler
    Ary Adler 4 дня назад Well, M boss have a different saying actually..." a Porsche turbo killer.."😏
  • Israel Skosana
    Israel Skosana 1 день назад So not a proper M car then?
  • Ary Adler
    Ary Adler 1 день назад @Israel Skosana guess not... currently best M car now is M2 & hopefully the upcoming new M3 & M4..
  • Cheslyn Owens
    Cheslyn Owens 5 дней назад Steve Sutcliffe is a legend. One of the few car journalist that can actually drive a car with skill, years of experience and natural talent.
  • kize32
    kize32 4 дня назад but he does sound like Chris Harris especially the whispering parts. That's kind of gay
  • /// M
    /// M 5 дней назад People are really down on this car, keep calling it a mustang? I don’t see the comparison what so ever, I personally think it’s beautiful.
  • flyingphoenix113
    flyingphoenix113 5 дней назад It's just too soft and too boring. The original M8 had the engine straight out of the McLaren F1, and the 850Csi had a detuned McLaren F1 engine. This has.... a slightly faster version of BMW's ubiquitous 4.4l TT V8. And, to top it all off, it's mated to a rather slowly torque converter auto instead of a dual clutch. The powertrain is what lets the car down, not the styling.
  • ezar howard
    ezar howard 5 дней назад @flyingphoenix113 lol so you expect them to put a heavy V12 in it?
  • Qingyuan Zhang
    Qingyuan Zhang 5 дней назад @flyingphoenix113 on point
  • flyingphoenix113
    flyingphoenix113 5 дней назад @ezar howard, sure, and make it into the GT it was meant to be while they're at it. It's in this weird area between sports and GT presently, and cars which straddle the gap tend not to do well.
  • RealCapo88
    RealCapo88 5 дней назад @flyingphoenix113 its not a slightly faster version of the v8 TT. Its exactly the same drivetrain as the M5 F90, basically an M5C with less space, a tad faster and way more expensive.
  • Insert Witty Name
    Insert Witty Name 5 дней назад I’ve literally heard nobody call it a Mustang.
  • Austin Apt
    Austin Apt 5 дней назад @Insert Witty Name you haven't been paying attention. The rear 3/4 view, windows, outline is 95% Mustang. Just because it has a different nose doesn't change much
  • /// M
    /// M 5 дней назад True
    LUC1FER 4 дня назад @RealCapo88 So what about gt63s and e63s ? They also have the same engine and same performance ? Or those words are worthy just for BMW ? Common man , all car makers are doing the same nowdays
  • RealCapo88
    RealCapo88 4 дня назад @LUC1FER true, but the M8 is Bmws flagship.
    LUC1FER 4 дня назад @RealCapo88 same for mercedes with gt63s
  • RealCapo88
    RealCapo88 4 дня назад @LUC1FER nah, Mercedes has the GT Sportscars, Gt Black Series is coming next year. Bmw should have used the V12 from the M760li to make it different
  • Asa kevios
    Asa kevios 4 дня назад flyingphoenix113 Not even Mclaren puts a V12 in their GT car.... y’all just need to stop wet dreaming about V12 already goshhhh
  • Shawn Corey rosenburg
    Shawn Corey rosenburg 3 дня назад first thing i thought when it came on screen is it looks just like a mustang. obv way better, but it def looks similar
  • Shawn Corey rosenburg
    Shawn Corey rosenburg 3 дня назад looks like a bmw mustang
  • ezar howard
    ezar howard 3 дня назад @Austin Apt you can't forget people we calling the new Mustang redesign a "poor man's aston martin" for that same exact angle....
  • Austin Apt
    Austin Apt 3 дня назад @ezar howard ok true but in that case the Mustang is trading up versus here it's down. You are right thought it looks a bit like the 2011 DBS from the same angle
  • ezar howard
    ezar howard 3 дня назад @Austin Apt so you're saying aston martin is a down trade from BMW? One of the reasons Aston Martin has been in the business for so long is because of its timeless design.
  • Austin Apt
    Austin Apt 3 дня назад @ezar howard nope Mustang most recently did that design so for BMW to follow doesn't make sense. That Aston hasn't been around for 10 years so everyone is thinking about the Mustang right now. The coke bottle styling we're talking about is originally American. Aston's interior are a downtrade at least
  • ezar howard
    ezar howard 3 дня назад @Austin Apt the fastback design may be American but how is that a bad thing? I don't understand the logic? Just because Ford did it first doesn't mean that it's a downgrade especially when it's a timeless design that actually looks amazing...
  • Austin Apt
    Austin Apt 3 дня назад (изменено) @ezar howard so it looks like a Mustang It's not bad but BMW could have looked to their own design past like the 507, the e9, the last 8 series, etc instead of the modern Stang since you see so many on the road and this car costs $150k
  • RealCapo88
    RealCapo88 3 дня назад @Asa kevios the competitor to the M8, the DB11, has a V12. Few years ago, Amg had the S65 coupe.
  • ezar howard
    ezar howard 2 дня назад @Austin Apt it doesn't look like a Mustang in person.
  • crossandshoot
    crossandshoot 5 дней назад wanna see Sutcliffe on the collecting cars podcast
  • Insert Witty Name
    Insert Witty Name 5 дней назад crossandshoot hear
  • Ken O Connell
    Ken O Connell 1 день назад New emission rules have toned down the exhausts on new cars from 2019.
  • N N
    N N 5 дней назад (изменено) m2 competition remains the best M car, quite ironic since its the entry m car
  • Jon Londrezos
    Jon Londrezos 1 день назад The M2 is the only true M car BMW makes
  • Arre K
    Arre K 1 день назад Its like Porsches Cayman/Boxster. More fun to drive than big brother 911.
  • AnotherMaggot
    AnotherMaggot 1 день назад M2 is so cool
  • Public Sector Direct
    Public Sector Direct 3 дня назад Crap review, doesnt understand the car or its market.
  • R2vers2de
    R2vers2de 4 дня назад The moment Steve Sutcliffe starts his voiceover, you know you’ll watch this video to the end.
  • Michael
    Michael 2 дня назад Steve Sutcliffe, Chris Harris, Matt Farah. Only car guys I can really watch a car review from.
  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha 3 дня назад (изменено) What’s wrong with Steve this time (other than the intro)? His review is not as usual! Am I the only one observing that?
  • Jon Londrezos
    Jon Londrezos 1 день назад A car like this needs the rude sound of a V10 at least
  • thedarkgreenvanman
    thedarkgreenvanman 5 дней назад I don’t care what this review says, I want it
  • B Craftin
    B Craftin 4 дня назад Steve one of my favorites...but he’s definitely forcing it to like it 🤷‍♂️
  • Sayak Majumder
    Sayak Majumder 4 дня назад They should've released the Competition later with M760li's V12, tuned to provide more power
  • OjaiPunk
    OjaiPunk 5 дней назад Looks amazing
  • Kelveron
    Kelveron 5 дней назад The M8 will probably do the oversteery hooligan thing when you switch to the 2WD mode, which as Sutcliffe said, was not possible in this brief drive.