Why YOU should buy a Ford Focus RS | Car Review

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You need to buy a Ford Focus RS. It will be the best decision you will ever make. It is every car you will ever need for every purpose. Its acceleration is enough to kick you back in your seat.

Ford performance have done an excellent job of preparing the Ford Focus RS which I have reviewed here in this video. Its aero is functional and it is useable on a daily basis. Its owner Doug uses the car every day and enjoys every day driving it. The same enjoyment every owner of the Ford Focus RS gets.

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    HM Car Reviews il y a 5 jours Do you think you should buy a Focus RS?
  • George Read
    George Read il y a 5 jours 🔥
  • Ganesh Gade
    Ganesh Gade il y a 4 jours Nice video...I will go for it if it is available in India..
  • HM Car Reviews
    HM Car Reviews il y a 4 jours I am sure you can buy one there. Must be pretty rare tho