2020 Nissan Juke SUV review – why it's SO much better than the original | What Car?

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In our first review of the new 2020 Nissan Juke SUV, we find why it's so much better than the original model. But is it good enough to beat rivals, such as the Skoda Kamiq and Volkswagen T-Cross?

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  • What Car?
    What Car? 5 дней назад Do you think the new Juke looks better than the original? Let us know by voting in our poll (2:50)!
  • themba sibeko
    themba sibeko 5 дней назад Much better
  • 666DW
    666DW 5 дней назад A major improvement on visual appeal but those hard, scratchy, black plastic door cards!😱
  • Tibor Hrotko
    Tibor Hrotko 5 дней назад The Japanese just don't know how to make a decent looking and working multimedia system... except Mazda maybe. And It's almost 2020... Thank God there is Apple carplay/ Android auto out there.
  • Janitra Falvierna
    Janitra Falvierna 5 дней назад Not to Me
  • Gurgui 88
    Gurgui 88 4 дня назад Still a pointless car but slightly less ugly.
  • Matt Crick
    Matt Crick 4 дня назад Yes.
  • Suthru Kapfo
    Suthru Kapfo 4 дня назад The new one looks much better to me
  • Matty M
    Matty M 4 дня назад any chance you can request a MMI without that Bezel, that aspect of the car looks cheap and dated, Really doubt the assertion it will hold value, it is a Nissan and an ICE, 2 things which aren't going to help its value going forward, shame really because the styling stands out against its more box shaped competition. 👍
    3EYECROWN 4 дня назад Old Juke All Day Long !!!
  • gpierre90
    gpierre90 3 дня назад I hated the old Juke. To me the design with how the lights and grill design were fitted just made it look ugly to me. The new one well now thats much much much more appealing to my eyes and I love what I see. The lights are more streamlined and the grill looks better too and all works with the design. My perspectives has changed on the juke. I love it.
  • Rudy Ocampo
    Rudy Ocampo 3 дня назад interior Yes, but for exterior you can turn off the volume and imagine that the old juke being introduce as the latest model, still unique.
    JL MARTINEZ 3 дня назад YES ! 👍
  • Reeve Mason
    Reeve Mason 2 дня назад Hard to look any worse. Both are UGLY!
  • Ruy de Brito
    Ruy de Brito 2 дня назад Much better and for now in the overall better than the competition too..the dimensions do a lot for it and than...the equipment really interesting
  • Andrine Brown - Cover
    Andrine Brown - Cover 2 дня назад I like the front...not the back.
  • Caribbean Girl
    Caribbean Girl 1 день назад Not as sporty. New look is too ordinary now.
  • Andreas Yeleni
    Andreas Yeleni 1 день назад Yes it looks better with those small Changes. If u don't look at the details like those people who say that all pick up bakkies at Toyota Hilux leven look the same, you'd notice the changes on a Duke.
  • Jojosallgood
    Jojosallgood 6 часов назад Nope. I had 2 successively from 2011, loved how quirky it looked. I now have a Qashqai and it basically looks like that, shame.
  • Vin Diesel's Husband
    Vin Diesel's Husband 5 дней назад Took a shot for each time he mentioned the VW T-Cross. I'm now in hospital having my stomach pumped.
  • The5th Musketeer
    The5th Musketeer 5 дней назад So you can genuinely say that you’re really pumped with the quality of this review... 😂
  • Fly
    Fly 4 дня назад 9 shots not bad, but still light wait!!
  • LODU 8
    LODU 8 4 дня назад I’m gonna buy this car
  • Monthon Sriyoscharti
    Monthon Sriyoscharti 3 дня назад Only one small SUV with "around view monitor" 👍
  • Freddie
    Freddie 4 дня назад It's fascinating - and scary - to see how he takes his eyes off the road for soooo long while fiddling with all that 'safety' tech.
  • Ethan Hartley
    Ethan Hartley 5 дней назад Front is better looking but the rear is like a micra that is on stilts
  • Modesto Manuel
    Modesto Manuel 4 дня назад The front is a lot more refined than before, i wish they just refine the rear lights than changing it. The older version is a bit more daring design, the new one is a bit standardized.
  • stevey500
    stevey500 4 дня назад what a dinkass engine... lame. I'll take my double horsepower old model lol
  • Evelyn Deferia
    Evelyn Deferia 4 дня назад Good looks but the engine? Crap..
  • Edward Reyez
    Edward Reyez 5 дней назад 19" wheels for 115hp? This is wrong...
  • David
    David 3 дня назад I like it but wouldn't consider it without a bigger engine
  • Freddy Krueger
    Freddy Krueger 4 часа назад i don't want a bigger engine. it just guzzles more gas and wastes money.
  • hade murray
    hade murray 5 дней назад Put it up against the new pegeout 2008 and VW t cross !!!
    YUF TUF 5 дней назад 2008 not on sale
  • hade murray
    hade murray 5 дней назад @YUF TUF it will be coming to UK shortly
    PROJECT SIMULATION 5 дней назад The T Roc is a better rival as it's more similar in size
  • Jeroen Jansen
    Jeroen Jansen 4 дня назад (изменено) Juke is way more stylish than both of them
  • Oliver Stemp
    Oliver Stemp 4 дня назад Since the Juke is this good, the next Qashqai is going to be amazing, I'm thinking the interior will get a huge upgrade
  • Girahim
    Girahim 3 дня назад Yep, the next generation Qashqai will launch next year, and it will set a new bar on the SUV market for sure.
  • Reeve Mason
    Reeve Mason 2 дня назад Nissan are not very reliable though. The Quashqi is the most unreliable suv according to motoring reports
  • Girahim
    Girahim 2 дня назад @Reeve MasonThat's not true in my experience at least, 3 Nissans in my house with 15, 13 and 3 years old respectively and no repair had to be made until today, only typical maintenance and 2 or 3 minor things, not even a drive chain change has been made.
  • WhateverNevermind
    WhateverNevermind 2 дня назад The previous model had better looking rear lights.
  • WhateverNevermind
    WhateverNevermind 2 дня назад (изменено) It’s rivals are all so dull and cheap feeling in comparison, apart from the new Captur and 2008. This seems to have an even nicer interior than the XC40.
  • Per Mikkelsen
    Per Mikkelsen 4 дня назад I would like to see the new Nissan Duke in a "Head To Head" with the new Renault Captur, they are build on the same platform.. A multipli test with all the new small SUV's would be great.. The new Peugeot 2008, Skoda kamiq, VW T-Cross, Renault Captur, Citroën C3 Aircross, Opel/Vauxhall Crossland X, Seat Arona, Mazda CX-3.
    DAMON LEE 3 дня назад CH-R knockoff...and the 2020 CH-R exceeds the Nissan even more.
  • Sob 666
    Sob 666 3 дня назад We haver the Nissan Rogue...n love the SUV...n looks ..i do like the new look on the Juke..better than the old one.
  • pea brained
    pea brained 2 дня назад Ooh, a new joke! 😊
  • A Yates
    A Yates 4 дня назад (изменено) If you're doing reviews... I definitely will be subbing!